1006 Dial Type Thermometers

This thermometer suits smaller transformers and offers the user the same low pressure bellows technology used in the larger 1005 series OTI and WTI. Switch numbers are limited to 2 and capillary limited to 6 metres. Otherwise, the series 1006 offers local oil or winding display and switching for pumps and fans … 1006 thermometers

The 1006H and 1006HX enhance the model’s diversity by incorporating one (H), alternatively two (HX), Pt100 sensors in the capillary bulb.

The Pt100 RTD output of these sensors are then taken up as input to a CCU (current control unit) with 2 × 4-20mA current outputs. These 4-20 mA outputs from the CCU can then be fed into a Remote Repeater/Indicator with digital temperature display and a variety of outputs :
Modbus RTU protocol
Relays with a contact rating 5A, 220V, AC or 1A, 220V, DC.

The 1006 series is deceptively small and simple yet offers significant local and remote management, display, and control of measured temperature … 1006H thermometer